Business Transcription

Information is vital to any business. It fuels many core business processes-brainstorming and planning, decision-making, research and development, strategy implementation. Each year, companies invest millions of dollars in market research, consultancy, marketing, and corporate events like seminars and conferences to ensure that they get the information they need to make their businesses succeed.

Also the process of globalization has begun to test the competitive edge of businesses, big and small, prompting most of them to find ways and means of improving their efficiency at lesser cost.

The importance of maintaining telemarketing records is just one example. Add the whole gamut of activities, seminars and focus group meetings, press conferences and taped interviews to important deliberations in the plush interiors of corporate board rooms, including oral records of any kind that is required for posterity. Outsourcing of transcription services helps cut costs dramatically as recognized by businesses in most developed economies, sparing organizations the time and cost to concentrate more on their core areas of operation.

At Bizscribes we recognize the importance of accurate and reliable information. That’s why the focus of our business is to transcribe and document your audio and data files to make sure that valuable information is stored and conveniently referenced. Business transcription makes it easy for your business to search, scan, and ultimately save data. View our list of services below and lets us be your partners to success!

  • Focus group discussions
  • Conference calls
  • Telephone calls
  • Market research
  • Interviews
  • Business meetings
  • Workshop sessions
  • Seminars and Symposia