Conference Call Transcription

Globalization has begun to test the competitive edge of businesses prompting most of them to find ways and means of improving their efficiency at lesser cost.  One of the easiest route for cost saving is cutting travel cost and instead setting up conference calls for reaching out, for routine target reviews or bigger project discussions or even to impart formal training to their field staff in remote locations.

There is a need for transcribing the proceeds of these conference calls with accuracy for dissemination of information to all concerned within minimum time.  These are best outsourced to professional organizations like Bizscribes.

Our customers are offered a complete suite of conference call services which includes audio conferencing, web conferencing, internet broadcasting, conference recording and conference archiving. Our trained transcribers can handle small or large events, automated or operator-assisted.
We offer transcriptions for:
  • Business meeting
  • Sales presentations
  • Project meetings and updates
  • Training classes
  • Regular team meetings
  • Communications with employees who work in different locations

Our services include transcription for business firms which webcast their quarterly earnings calls, and we are able to offer business firms transcriptions of the call at a brisk turn-around-time, with the help of state-of-the-art software, enabling investors get a copy of the quarterly earnings in quick succession time.
Our customers include financial information portals, investor relations department of large multinational companies and individual investors, requiring quick detailed earnings copies.